Midnight Camera Blows Away Panasonic® and Speco® on Price
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Speco® Intensifier 3Panasonic® SD5

Controlled test lab comparing color performance of the Midnight (top left) and Midnight Ultra (top right) against Speco® (bottom left) and Panasonic® (bottom right). Independent security consultant James Gompers reviewed and certified the results which show the Midnight's superior color reproduction with lower noise and without blur as shown by the moving train.


*If you are unable to see the live video your firewall may be blocking it.

Notes on the test lab:

  • The purpose of this test is to determine low light color performance. True day/night cameras switch to black and white under low light conditions, so they would automatically fail this test as they would always show a black and white image under these low lux settings.

  • All cameras are in the same room, with the same lighting at the same time.

  • The models compared to the Midnight are top low light performers from major manufacureres. All of them are significantly more expensive than the Midnight.

  • Each camera is set to as close to identical settings as possible. Independent security consultant James Gompers reviewed and certified both the settings and results.

     Photo of the train set using a standard camera 
  • The room is very dark, measured at .3 lux from the middle of the train set. To give you an idea of how dark the room is, here is a picture taken using a standard camera

  • No shutter tricks to gather light. Keeping the shutter open too long causes moving objects to blur. The moving train is there to prove this is no slow shutter trick.

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